Panjshir Emerald Jewellers aims to set the standards of excellence in mining, extraction and supply of this luscious stone hence we are sourcing responsibly and ethically plus all the emeralds we supply are conflict free. We do not use any chemicals in our mining process so as to preserve the environment, no child labor is involved plus we make every effort to give back to the local community, minimize risks and keep the safety and health of our miners our highest priority which gives a positive impact to everyone.

By investing in mines and being deeply integrated in the business, we want you to be assured that you are buying emerald that is absolutely legal and has been delivered first hand to you. We also give you the chance of tracing the gems you purchase at any given time by providing complete mining, miner data and how it has made its ultimate journey to you. With that, our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and that you are investing in the right place with us.

The following videos demonstrate our mining and extraction process:







To view our rough or cut lot videos please visit Rough & Cut Emerald